ECPE Jhunir
admission open 2024-25

Dr. Suneeta Devi


Transmission of values, traditions, ways and mores and all the progress achieved by mankind has traveled from generation to generation on the ever existing chariot of education in any society, right from the primitive era of human existence. It has been a mode- formal, non-formal or informal, to accelerate the process of transmission of culture and civilization catering for social control on one hand and advancement on the other.
In its pursuit to strive for social equilibrium, Education in the country like ours always remains to be evaluated from the angle of psychological differentiation and stratification present in the social order to address appropriately the questions related to harmony and equality. Gender sensitization is one of the major issues inspiring to believe that the priorities are not to be biologically determined but socially and culturally defined.

Enlighted college of Physical Education Jhunir Mansa has taken step in this regard, we have at our credit the achievement of maintaining congenial educational environment in imparting teachers' training courses BPES DPEd, BPEd and MPEd. And the credit for all this goes to our worthy Governing Council, the dedicated and professionally qualified faculty, both teaching and the non-teaching, and above all to our hard-working, diligent and committed students. On behalf of our Governing Council and the staff, I assure you that this great institution was, is and will always be committed to the service of the society and to the all-round development of our students by providing best of the infrastructural and educational facilities within the affordable means.