ECPE Jhunir
admission open 2024-25



We want revolution in the field of education because there is boom of group of commercial, business , mind group of institutions here & there without the quality education only education providers not educating the society & needy and innocent people. To focus on quality & real education to focus the society & human base.


To enrich the students with understanding realization of life , problems with their solution related to men & society.


To accept the law of nature, social change to meet the speedy life of day to day development of technology and sustainable development.


To pour the social, moral aesthetic and ethical values in the students to nourish and enrich the society, nation, and the nature.


To provide intellectual and skilled human experience for effective live curriculum . To train students in the live skills, self & sustainable development for men & society. To provide an equitable learning environment to all the students in the curricular and co-curricular activities in spite of any discrimination. To inculcate the values among the students for their community, nation and ecology. The prepare the students catering to needs of values, employment to global trends in demand.

  • To provide intellectual and skilled human resources to develop the professional potentialities of the students.
  • To provide individualized care, effective sustainable development to live & enriched curricular implementations to ensure the best academic environment.
  • To train students in all development skills, handling of ICT equipment and recent trends in students education to reflect the society, nation and inter nations.
  • To inculcate knowledge, competence, professional & social skills in the students for self development through curricular, co-curricular and extra activities.
  • To provide equal opportunities to all the students in curricular, co-curricular activities in spite of any discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, language and gender.
  • To provide reservation to all the disadvantages groups as per got. Rule & ensure an equitable learning environment.
  • To produce professionally competent and value oriented scale for society nation and inter nations.
  • To inculcate moral, social, aesthetic, ethical and citizenship value through curricular and co curricular activities.
  • To provide the knowledge about the environment and its preservation to the masses and students through the seminar competitions and campaigns and eco club.
  • To provide up to date knowledge, use of ICT technology and value education to emerge into the global trends and demands, meeting the emerging the needs of the education system in an effective manner which ensure the employability of the men & society.